Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jacksonville Family Photographer | The G Fam

Okay, this family is seriously too much fun! I had SUCH a blast photographing them and well, they are all so gorgeous, don't you think?

I've known mom for many years. She is actually my hair stylist, manager, all around good friend. She does amazing hair! If you need a good recommendation in the area for a wonderful, caring, affordable stylist, let me know. I never hesitate to give out her name! She is awesome!

Without further ado, their amazing session:

I told you they were a gorgeous family, didn't I?

I love this shot. It's definitely how their life is right now.

I took individual shots of each of the kids as well. How could I not? 

I'm sure this guy is a total heartbreaker! I love his style!

And Miss D is seriously gorgeous! I definitely didn't look like this at her age! I'm pretty sure I was really awkward.

Mr. G is so big! I remember when mom was pregnant with him and its just crazy how fast time flies!

And Miss V and my little girl are the same age. It was so fun going through pregnancy together, though let me admit, V's momma handled it much better than me! Ha

And my favorite family shot of the day! 

Merry Christmas, guys! 

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