Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jacksonville Beach FL Baby Photographer: Jake is 6 months!

Remember this little cutie?

Yeah, he's 6 months now! 
I tell ya, I honestly have no clue how these babies grow so quickly. I swear I just took the above photo but apparently not. 

I love it when parents purchase my Baby's First Year package because that means that I know I'll be seeing them grow up their first year and turn from sweet little squishy newborns to walking, talking toddlers. Its one of my favorite things about being a photographer. 

Jake and his family met up with me for his 6 month session out in Jacksonville Beach. I love shooting in that area. There's so many gorgeous little park areas and, of course, the beach. This day though, we just hung out in the park. It was a super cold and windy day so we didn't stay out too long just so Jake didn't get too cold. 

I also took one of my favorite shots from his newborn photos and set up a shot to imitate it so we could see just how much he's grown. Love that shot. (Its the top shots) 

Happy 6 months, Jake! See ya in a few months! 

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