Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jacksonville Florida Photographer: Before and After

I've had a ton of requests on my facebook page recently for before and after shots. I've shared a few there but thought I'd share some on my blog too. So, I'm hoping to make this a recurring theme on my blog.

Photographers don't just take a photo and slap it on a disc, or print it out for you and call it a day? There's many hours behind the scenes that goes in to making your custom portrait session truly something unique. I don't just take photos, I create art that is meant to be hung on your walls. Any good photographer will do this. They want you to love your photos and spend countless hours perfecting your photos so they are truly memories you will cherish forever.

Here's a quick before and after from a recent beach session. The before, straight out of camera shot is perfectly fine on its own. However, it wasn't fully polished. A little time and viola, artwork meant to hang on the family's wall.

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Jacksonville Baby Photograper: Caleb is 6 months

Wow! Time really truly flies by. Caleb is already 6 months old! I have so enjoyed these months getting to know this family and this precious little guy! What a sweetheart he is! I met mom and dad at their maternity session, and they are just so fun to work with. Caleb had such an awesome newborn session and 3 month session, and I was so surprised to see what a big little guy he's become! He even sat for the first time during our session! What a champ!

We decided to shoot at the beach, but unfortunately we weren't able to get many shots near the water, because the water was ALL the way up to the dunes. I've never seen it that far up. We literally had a tiny spit of land to shoot on, and the water still tried to get us. It was insane. And the waves? Holy huge waves!

Check out Mr. C's 6 month session!