Sunday, September 23, 2012

Generations | A Red Balloon Challenge : Jacksonville Florida Photographer

I have a friend who issued a challenge to some of her photographer friends. The challenge was to use a large red balloon in a photoshoot and to try and tell a story with it. I was super stoked to get the balloon and try it out. This is not the original story that I had in my head, but honestly I think this worked out much better!

My friend Jamie is an amazing dancer! She teaches dance here in Jacksonville, and you can see her love for dance just emanating off of her. When she talks about dance she lights up. When she's able to dance, she glows. She is a phenomenal dancer and a phenomenal person!

We met up in Riverside last night for a quick session since the light was just so gorgeous. However, this is Florida after all, and it being the Sunshine State of course means that it rains alllll the time. So the ground was super muddy and soggy and well, just not what I had envisioned. However, I really like the look of it. Its kind of a deconstructed dancer type feel and well, I kinda dig that!

I wanted to portray a passing on a love and gift of dance and life to the next generations. Everything we do in life is in turn passed down to future generations. I wanted to portray the beauty of life and the gift of dance between an adult and a child (yes that's my little one <3 p="p">
Thanks again for being my model last night Jamie! And if any of you guys are looking for an awesome dance teacher, let me know! I know of the perfect one for your little ones!

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  1. Amanda, these are absolutely stunning. The story is told perfectly through these photos. I love them all!