Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jacksonville Newborn Photographer: Kaya | Newbie

Ooh how I love listening to adoption stories. They always make me teary eyes. This sweet little one was born on the 6th, exactly ONE WEEK after her parents found out they were chosen by the birth mother. WOW. They had one week to prepare. She contacted me over the weekend asking me to make room in my schedule for her newborn and told me her story. Duh, I definitely wanted to do this shoot. 

However, little miss did NOT want to sleep. Her mom kept apologizing because she always sleeps, so she didn't know why she was so alert. Everytime I'd get her into position, she'd open those sweet little eyes and stretch. Seriously homegirl did not sleep. Once the shoot was done, she zonked out. However, she totally rocked her poses anyway. Such a sweet little girl! 

Here's a few favorites

Couldn't decide between black and white and color. I prefer b/w buuuut the tat was so colorful.

Grandma made this blanket. I loved it, and just had to incorporate it.

This is mom's doll cradle from when she was a child. I fell in love! 

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